Education and Training

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  • Customized Professional Trainings

    The Resiliency offers customized professional training programs that can be held at our Center or at your location. Tracey Smith offers recreational therapy programs, and Elizabeth Venart offers professional trainings on trauma and resiliency.

  • Infant Massage and Baby Signs Program®

    The focus of this series is to support you and your little one during your transitional and amazing first year together! It benefits both baby and parent. Parents massage their own babies and learn different strokes each week that aid in tension relief, colic and gas discomfort, increase spatial awareness, and promote bonding and better […]

  • Introduction to Mindfulness Practice

    Mindfulness is intentionally focusing your attention on the present, moment to moment, with openness, curiosity, and compassion. Mindfulness is a skill that through practice can be developed and deepened. This group will start at the beginning, no experience necessary!

  • Meeting Your Self Mindfully: Becoming Your Own Best Friend

    In this workshop, students will learn techniques designed to cultivate true acceptance, compassion and friendliness towards ourselves.

  • Mindfulness and Acceptance Training for Moms

    In Mindfulness and Acceptance Training for Moms, you will gain support and learn techniques to witness and attend to your fears with love and gentleness so that you can truly be present as a person and a parent. Join us whether your child is 3 or 30!

  • Mindfulness and Radical Self-Care for Healthcare Professionals

    In Radical Self-Care for Healthcare Professionals, you will receive support and learn techniques to meet yourself in new and caring ways. Dedicating our lives to helping others is a noble and loving livelihood. However, caring for others and ignoring our own needs eventually leads to burnout and can sap the joy out of even the […]