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  • Building your Ideal Private Practice Group

    If you are a health or healing arts professional desiring more prosperity in your practice, or if you want to begin a private practice but aren’t sure how to start, this group is for you! Join Resiliency Center Director Elizabeth Venart as she shares ideas and inspiration for getting the word out about your work […]

  • Connection, Expression, & Movement Workshops (CEM)

    An opportunity to explore and be with the core of you while being in a supportive community with others.

  • Coping Skills Development Groups

    Everyone needs tools to help them feel better when facing struggles. It can be difficult to come up with coping skills on your own! Therese Daniels will use a combination of talk therapy and creative activities to develop the skills needed to face the hardships of daily life and specific situations. Some coping skills might […]

  • Counselor Wellness Intensives – For Counselors, Social Workers, Therapists, and Other Professional Helpers

    These three-hour education and support sessions are designed to offer helping professionals time to focus on themselves; tools to promote wellness and resiliency; and valuable opportunities to dialogue with one another for increased support.

  • Creative Writing with the Philadelphia Writers Workshop

    Writers interested in poetry, screenwriting, play writing, non-fiction, memoir, and fiction are all encouraged to join. Writing is done during workshop time, and manuscripts polished outside of workshop are reviewed and discussed by the group.

  • Customized Professional Trainings

    The Resiliency offers customized professional training programs that can be held at our Center or at your location. Tracey Smith offers recreational therapy programs, and Elizabeth Venart offers professional trainings on trauma and resiliency.

  • EMDR Consultation Group

    This consultation group is designed for licensed therapists who have completed the EMDR Basic Training and wish to pursue EMDR Certification and/or deepen their knowledge and understanding of EMDR in practice.

  • Empowering Self, Accessing Vision, & Creating a Heart-Centered Life

    Experiential and peer support group for creating a vibrant, meaningful, heart-centered life. Personal Empowerment Groups include experiential exercises and discussion to facilitate participants’ ability to vision their ideal future and begin taking active steps towards making their life visions a reality.

  • Group Meditation

    Morning and evening classes. During these group meditations, led by Dean Solon, we will be cultivating and sharing clarity and compassion—an unfolding awareness and mindfulness—which may be summed up with this simple expression: a knowing of things as they are.

  • Infant Massage and Baby Signs Program®

    The focus of this series is to support you and your little one during your transitional and amazing first year together! It benefits both baby and parent. Parents massage their own babies and learn different strokes each week that aid in tension relief, colic and gas discomfort, increase spatial awareness, and promote bonding and better […]

  • Interstitial Cystitis/Pelvic Pain Support Group

    Ongoing monthly support and psycho-educational group providing an opportunity to connect with others with Interstitial Cystitis and/or Pelvic Pain symptoms. Share experiences, coping strategies and resources while learning to take care of yourself.

  • Introduction to Mindfulness Practice

    Mindfulness is intentionally focusing your attention on the present, moment to moment, with openness, curiosity, and compassion. Mindfulness is a skill that through practice can be developed and deepened. This group will start at the beginning, no experience necessary!

  • Laughter Yoga

    Laughter Yoga is an exercise and wellness routine that combines fun laughter activities with deep yoga breathing. In laughter yoga, we stimulate laughter is simulated as a body exercise in a group. Using eye contact and childlike playfulness, it soon turns into real and contagious laughter. The concept of Laughter Yoga is based on a […]

  • LPC Clinical Supervision Group for Counselors seeking Licensure

    LPC Clinical supervision groups provide counselors with an opportunity to learn new information, gain additional perspectives, reflect on the interplay between self and client, and receive group support. Participants present cases for clinical review, assist one another in exploring challenging clinical questions, and gain greater self-awareness.

  • Meeting Your Self Mindfully: Becoming Your Own Best Friend

    In this workshop, students will learn techniques designed to cultivate true acceptance, compassion and friendliness towards ourselves.