Counseling for Neurodiverse People


ADHD, Autism, and Highly Sensitive Persons

Everyone needs and deserves a safe space where they can be themselves — and feel understood and accepted. Therapy is designed to be that place; however, it isn’t always. Neurotypical therapists may be unaware of the unique needs of neurodiverse individuals and lack the training necessary to understand their needs and lived experiences.

The foundation of Neurodiverse-Sensitive Counseling is meeting people where they are, and working together to create meaningful goals that respect and appreciate inborn traits and temperaments. We understand that people who are neurodiverse process the world differently than neurotypical people do. Counseling work may not be focused on challenges related to neurodiversity, but when it is, we focus on building upon inherent strengths and learning skills to navigate a neurotypical world with self-compassion and respect.

While every practitioner at The Resiliency Center is dedicated to providing Diversity-Sensitive Counseling, the therapists below have specialized training in providing competent care.



Highly Sensitive Persons

The trait of High Sensitivity was first identified by Elaine Aron and is present in approximately 15% of the population. This trait includes the awareness of subtleties others don’t notice, sensory sensitivity, depth of processing, difficulty with transitions, and the experience of strong feelings. It makes individuals more vulnerable to anxiety and depression when stress occurs. The following practitioners are devoted to supporting Highly Sensitive children and adults in recognizing the strengths and joys of this trait — and learning tools to navigate the intensity of the world with greater ease. In addition to working with Highly Sensitive Teens and Adults, we can also help parents support their Highly Sensitive Child.