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Articles about the Center and our Practitioners

After 5 years, holistic center still ‘flaps its wings’

The Chestnut Hill Local profiles the Resiliency Center for its fifth anniversary in a October 11, 2013 article.

Montgomery News profiles the Resiliency Center

Resiliency Center helps people bounce back
By Bob Keeler, Staff Writer
May 12, 2009

There may be a lot of different paths to healing, but the overriding question for The Resiliency Center founder and director Elizabeth Venart is always the same: “How can we help people to be resilient in their lives?”

Living in a stressful world, it’s hard not to have anxieties and traumas, she said.

“We don’t have control over the fact that a lot of these things happen,” Venart said. “Resiliency is that ability to bounce back when life gets challenging, when life throws you a curve ball.”

Counselor Today interviews Director Elizabeth Venart about counselor wellness

Taking care of yourself as a counselor
By Lynne Shallcross
January 17, 2011

Articles about Dr. Bridges’ Research and Approach to Therapy

Dr. Bridges has had the following articles in peer-reviewed professional journals on the topics of resolving attachment injuries, patterns of cardiovascular arousal, and depth of emotional processing in psychotherapy sessions.