Family Counseling

madaSeveral practitioners at the Resiliency Center offer family counseling, including creative and integrating therapies like Play Therapy, Sandtray Therapy, Filial Therapy, and more.

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  • Adoption

    Families with adopted children face unique issues that often remain overlooked. Therapy with adopted children and their families provides the opportunity for families to address issues related to adoption.

  • Co-Parenting Collaborative Therapy

    The therapist helps to empower each parent— encouraging them to articulate their values and ideas in terms of how to raise their child.

  • Emotion Focused Therapy for Individuals and Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy

    Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT) is a structured approach to couples counseling that integrates the emerging science on adult attachment and the importance of different types of emotional expression that bring couples closer or tear them apart. Research studies find that 70-75% of couples move from distress to recovery and approximately 90% show significant improvements.

  • Family Art Therapy

    Family Art Therapy incorporates an art making task into the family sessions, which adds an additional dimension to treatment through the novel experience of creating art together. This empowers each member with the opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings.

  • Family Therapy and Autism

    Teaching the family how to access services available to the individual diagnosed on the autistic spectrum, and emphasizing the stability of the parents as they collaborate in managing the autistic family member.

  • Filial Family Therapy

    Filial family therapy trains and coaches parents in how to better engage with their children through child-centered play sessions.

  • Parent Child Interactive Therapy

    Parent Child Interactive Therapy engages parents and children in a therapeutic activity together, as guided by a therapist.

  • Parent Consultation and Coaching

    Assists families in cooperating toward a common goal to create meaningful connections and decrease problem behaviors in children. The therapist provides parents with simple, realistic approaches to strengthening the parent-child bond and improving effective communication.

  • Play Therapy

    Play therapy provides safe and supportive environment so the child can work through problems, express themselves, and heal without feeling overwhelmed.

  • Play Therapy and EMDR

    Play Therapy combined with EMDR can be effective in working with children with trauma, anxiety, and phobias. EMDR uses bilateral stimulation techniques to help unlock stuck material, allowing the mind and body to process the traumatic event.

  • Pre-Marital Therapy

    Couples who want to begin their married or committed life with the best foundation can benefit from premarital therapy.

  • Sand Tray Therapy

    Sand tray therapy is a specialized modality that uses sand and selected “miniatures”, objects which provide the medium for emotional expression and communicating one’s experience. For children, sand tray provides a safe, natural way for self-expression.

  • Transition Counseling for Blended Families

    The therapist provides a framework for helping all family members to explore their hopes, wishes and feelings so that they will feel heard and acknowledged.

  • Transitioning through Divorce

    The therapist guides and provides suggestions in building a framework for living. Topics of discussion include separation, custody, finances, living situation, co-parenting, legal and ethical issues and an attempt to create fairness for all parties.