• The Resiliency Center is just steps away from Fort Washington State Park.

  • The entrance to Fort Washington State Park is right outside our office.

    The entrance to Fort Washington State Park is right outside our office.


The Resiliency Center of Greater Philadelphia is home to over ten independent practitioners who work mindfully to promote holistic wellness.

We are a diverse community of healing professionals who partner with people to help them tap into their innate resiliency, release and transform painful life experiences, improve emotional and physical health, and more fully experience joy.

The Center provides a safe and supportive healing environment for individuals, couples, and families. Our services and programs create resiliency, promote healing and integrative wellness, provide education, and bring people together in meaningful dialogue.

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  • Featured Service

    Bodymind Integration Services

    stonetrees“Your body is your vehicle in this life. It has been with you since birth. The make and model may change over the years, but it was, is, and will remain all yours.

    Why not make it the best one possible by listening to the wisdom of your body?”-Brittiney George

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  • Featured Practitioner

    Brittiney George, BS, CST, CRS, ICI, CEIM

    BrittineyGeorgeBrittiney George is a Movement Practitioner, Somatic Therapist, and Infant Massage Educator Specializing in Transformative Touch. She’s passionate about working with highly sensitive women and helping clients learn to listen to the wisdom of their bodies and recognize how pain can be an ally in their healing journey.

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May 23, 2019

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