Adopted children face unique issues that often remain unaddressed. These issues sometimes become manifest in seemingly unrelated ways, including through depression, anxiety, or behavioral issues.


Barbra Danin, LMFT

Barbra Danin, LMFT

Barbra Danin, MA, LMFT, is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Clinical Art Therapist, and Certified EMDR Therapist. Barbra works with both individuals who have been adopted, and their families.

Barbra finds that therapy with adopted children provides the opportunity for families to gain a deeper understanding of how adoption impacts a child and the family. She offers guidance on how to effectively address and overcome matters related to adoption.

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» Contact Barbra at or (314) 477-8585.

Carolyn Abele, MS, LPC

Carolyn Abele, MS, LPC

Carolyn Abele is a Licensed Professional Counselor in practice over 12 years. She provides individual and family counseling, behavior and parenting support, and clinical supervision.

Carolyn’s adoption support focuses on the child and the whole family to address and support issues that arise in various stages of the adopted child’s development. Supportive counseling provides family tools to be able to identify the struggles, have open communication and support the whole family.

» Contact Carolyn at or (215) 354-7941.

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