Career Coaching

In career consulting, you work one-on-one with one of our practitioners to explore your career identity, develop strategic plans for career advancement, enhance work-life sustainability, and more.


Tracie Nichols, Career and Personal Leadership Coach

Tracie Nichols, Career and Personal Leadership Coach

Tracie Nichols, MA, IAC, CDF

Career Coaching for Highly Sensitive and Multi-Potentialed People

Career coaching offers support, education, resources, and compassionate accountability for highly sensitive and multi-potentialed people navigating career changes. Working by phone or video chat, Tracie Nichols helps people see clearly their unique gifts and creatively respond to challenges as they seek a new job, move into a new industry, or transition to a new position.

Career Strategy Sessions help Renaissance Souls and Highly Sensitive People map a realistic career path designed to work with the strengths of their gifts, build resiliency, and minimize unconscious or impulsive career choices. Strategy sessions can also be used to build a toolbox of resiliency practices to support remaining in a challenging work environment when a job change isn’t desirable.

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Elizabeth Venart, M.Ed., LPC

Elizabeth Venart, M.Ed., NCC, LPC

Professional Development for Helping Professionals

Elizabeth Venart provides individual consultations to helping professionals wishing to explore career identity and development. Consultations can focus on practice-building, creating individualized career-development plans, enhancing professional sustainability, and more. By focusing on what is most meaningful and rewarding in the work and addressing energy drains, Elizabeth helps create lasting change.

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