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Customized Professional Trainings

The Resiliency Center offers customized professional trainings that can be held at our Center or at your location.

Recreational Therapy Workshops and Trainings


Tracey Smith, M.Ed., CTRS

Tracey Smith creates customized recreational therapy workshops and trainings that get everyone engaged. These trainings work with various populations within various settings including women/men, adolescents, teen parents, adoptive adolescents, adjudicated/at risk youth, participants affected by violence & trauma, and participants with recovery challenges.

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Professional Trainings on Trauma and Resiliency

Elizabeth Venart creates customized professional trainings on trauma and resiliency that educate individuals and organizations, provide forums for increased self-awareness and community-building, and creatively support the needs of helpers to nurture themselves as well as others.

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Nature Inspired Resiliency Retreats

Tracie Nichols, Career and Personal Leadership Coach

Tracie Nichols, Career and Personal Leadership Coach

Tracie Nichols creates learning experiences using nature inspired resiliency tools as a bridge between our increasingly complex home and work lives and decreasing access to green spaces. Previous workshops have included Scent of Hope: Using the power of scent to craft a healing space for your clients (and you), Deep Restoration Retreat, Using Aromatherapy to Support Resilience in Children, Aromatherapy to Ease Stress, Nature as Healer: Nature-based wellness practices. 

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Introduction to Mindfulness Practice

When: Six Week workshop, Offered several times during the year

Cost: Varies based on program.

Mindfulness Instructor: Rotating Leadership, Contact Elizabeth Venart, LPC at (215) 233-2002 or,

Have you always wanted to learn about mindfulness but didn’t know where to start? Would you like to deepen your individual practice with a structured group?

Mindfulness is intentionally focusing your attention on the present, moment to moment, with openness, curiosity, and compassion. Mindfulness is a skill that through practice can be developed and deepened. This group will start at the beginning, no experience necessary!

Research on mindfulness has shown that it can help improve quality of life, relationships, and physical and emotional health. In this program, you will receive instructions in a supportive group format with the guidance of an experienced teacher.  You will learn mindfulness practices and how to be more mindful in your daily life. This group will meet for six weeks.

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Mindfulness and Acceptance Training for Moms

When: Six Week workshop offered in the Spring

Cost: $299 per person; bring a friend for $199 each

Instructor: Jen Perry, MSEd, MA, or (215) 292-5056

Is being a mom harder than you ever imagined? Along with all the joy that becoming a mother brings there is also a whole new world of worry, guilt, and self-doubt. This can surprise and bewilder even the most dedicated mother. Moms often suffer in silence.

In Mindfulness and Acceptance Training for Moms, you will gain support and learn techniques to witness and attend to your fears with love and gentleness so that you can truly be present as a person and a parent. Join us whether your child is 3 or 30!

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Mindfulness and Radical Self-Care for Healthcare Professionals

When: Six Week workshop offered in late Fall

Cost: $299 per person; bring a friend for $199 each

Instructor: Jen Perry, MSEd, MA, LPC, or (215) 292-5056

In Radical Self-Care for Healthcare Professionals, you will receive support and learn techniques to meet yourself in new and caring ways.

Dedicating our lives to helping others is a noble and loving livelihood. However, caring for others and ignoring our own needs eventually leads to burnout and can sap the joy out of even the most promising career.

Many of us have blocks when it comes to self-care. We know what we need to do but often have trouble taking the necessary steps to actually doing it.

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Meeting Your Self Mindfully: Becoming Your Own Best Friend

When: Six Week workshop offered in early Fall

Cost: $299 per person; bring a friend for $199 each

Instructor: Jen Perry, MSEd, MA, or (215) 292-5056

In this workshop, students will learn techniques designed to cultivate true acceptance, compassion and friendliness towards ourselves.

Most of us believe that being kind to others is important. However, most of us treat ourselves with a degree of disdain and harshness with which we would never dream of treating someone else.

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Infant Massage and Baby Signs Program®

About Infant Massage

There are so many “shoulds” swirling around new parents that can create a lot of anxiety and challenge their ability to listen to their natural parenting instincts.  This class encourages parents to trust to their own parental instincts while exploring their baby’s cues and emotional responses to touch.

Learn more on our calendar about Baby Sign Language and Infant Massage.

Facilitator: Brittiney George, CST, CRS, ICI, CEIM, Certified Somatic Therapist and Infant Massage and Baby Signs Educator.

Class size is limited and registration required.  To register contact Brittiney George @ 610-389-7866 or via e-mail at


The focus of this series is to support you and your little one during your transitional and amazing first year together!  It benefits both baby and parent.  Parents massage their own babies and learn different strokes each week that aid in tension relief, colic and gas discomfort, increase spatial awareness, and promote bonding and better sleep.

Documented benefits of babies that are massaged regularly include improved sleep patterns, reduction of stress for baby and parent, improved interactions in families, increased weight gain for premature babies, and help in bonding for moms with postpartum depression.  In addition, it is safe for medically fragile babies.

What are some additional benefits of infant massage?

  • Stimulation: Stimulates circulation, digestion, respiration, immune system, nervous system, and language.
  • Relaxation: Relaxing for parents and babies by helping to release stress.  It produces calming hormones, and helps to regulate sleep patterns.  Babies who are massaged may sleep deeper and longer.
  • Relief: Can help to relieve colic, constipation, and gas by improving elimination.  Also can be beneficial in relieving pains related to teething and growing.
  • Interaction: Helps babies spend more time active and alert for learning and increases bonding and attachments to their parents.

Client Testimonials

“The gas and colic strokes worked so well and offered great relief.  I feel more confident in my relationship with my baby.  This class was a gift.  I learned so much more than I thought I would.”
— Chris Armstrong, dad to 8 month old

 “By week 5 my baby was calmer and open to touch.  I already feel so close to him, but this was a great way to continue exploring our relationship.”
— Ali, mother to 9 week old

“This class was a true gift. We enjoyed every moment.  It truly exceeded my expectations.  Brittiney and Shannon created the ideal, cozy, welcoming environment.  I learned so much more than I ever thought I would.”
— Jen M., mom to 5 month old

“Brittiney, Thank you so much for sharing the gift of infant massage with me and my son! I have loved every minute of your class. You are not only informative, but your kindness and love for what you do shines through. I feel so lucky to have been a part of such a wonderful class! Moving forward I plan to take what I have learned and continue to use it daily as part of our nighttime routine. I feel like infant massage has allowed me to gain such a strong bond with my son & I have taught my husband too!!”
— M.M., mom to 3 month old

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