Pre-Marital Therapy

Couples who want to begin their married or committed life with the best foundation can benefit from premarital therapy. Premarital therapy has been shown to be related to happier, longer, and more satisfying marriages. Premarital therapy can be a way to enhance your relationship, improve communication, prevent future conflict, gain insight and understanding into how your family of origin may influence your marital relationship, and learn ways to best address potential problems in the future.

This is also an approach that can be useful for couples who are uncertain about marriage, who have areas they want to address before moving forward in their commitment, and for couples who do not want to repeat past relationship patterns. It is also useful for gay and lesbian couples who are getting married or entering into a life-long commitment.


Elizabeth Venart, M.Ed., LPC

Elizabeth Venart

Elizabeth recognizes that people come to therapy looking for information and resources to help them, especially when struggling to create new patterns in their relationships. She focuses on concrete skill development in areas such as communication and conflict resolution.

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