Play Therapy

Play Therapy is increasingly the recognized method of working with children and adolescents. Play is natural for children who are able to more readily engage in this type of therapy than traditional talk therapy, because play is the language children use to communicate. A trained play therapist understands the metaphors used in the child’s play to gain understanding of the problem areas and recognize the stages of healing. Play therapy provides safe and supportive environment so the child can work through problems, express themselves and heal without feeling overwhelmed or being re-traumatized.

Additionally, play therapy addresses the sensory component of trauma that cannot be achieved through traditional psychotherapy. The combination of family therapy “talk time” and play therapy integrates the cognitive memories of trauma/loss with the part of the brain that holds the deeper emotional experience: the body itself.

Play Therapy is effective for resolving behavior problems at home and school, anxiety, depression, ADHD, trauma, loss and adjustment to family stressors and life transitions. The child is able to learn adaptive skills, gain self-control and mastery, increase self esteem and heal from trauma and loss.

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Elizabeth Campbell

Children express themselves in much different ways than adults and require different therapeutic interventions than traditional talk therapy. Elizabeth provides a variety of mediums for children to express themselves through their language: play.

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Kathleen Krol, MSS, LCSW, RPT-S

Kathleen Krol, MSS, LCSW, RPT-S

Kathleen Krol

I enjoy using play and sand in my work with children and find myself blessed to observe the healing process as it unfolds.  I strive to be open to the unique characteristics and resources of each family with whom I work.

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Vanessa Mortillo, LPC

Vanessa Mortillo

Vanessa is a Licensed Professional Counselor that provides individual and group therapy to youth and young adults. Utilizing mindfulness, expressive arts, and play therapy modalities, she harnesses creativity and imagination in the service of growth and healing.

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Julia Weimar

I truly believe the most effective way to connect with a child is to enter their world of creativity and imagination. Play therapy provides a safe space for children to express their innate creativity and allows the therapist to enter that world with them. In that space of play, new perspectives and solutions are found and healing is possible.

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