Nature Walks

Practitioners Heather Hill and Therese Daniels offer nature walks in the wooded trails behind the Resiliency Center.

HeatherHill-thumbWeekly Nature Walks with Heather Hill

Start your week off by beginning a nature practice and observe the benefits to your mood and wellbeing. We will explore the Green Ribbon Trail behind the Resiliency Center.

Contact: Heather Hill at 215-485-7205 to find out more and register.

» Check the Calendar for times and dates.

Therese Daniels, MA, LPC

Nature Walk and Talk Programs with Therese Daniels

Take a breath of fresh air and step into the woods. Nature invites us to disconnect from technology, slow down, and notice ourselves and the world around us. Therese Daniels offers Walk and Talk programs to guide participants in developing greater mindfulness, connecting with nature, and practicing new coping skills. The talks will vary from very casual to more in-depth topics and extended retreats. Engage in conversations and activities based on the natural world around you and connect with a deeper part of yourself.

» Contact Therese at or 410-919-9673 for the schedule.

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