Nature Inspired Resiliency Retreats

Nature inspired resiliency tools are a bridge between increasingly complex home and work lives and decreasing access to green spaces. They bring the proven benefits of a forest walk into our daily life and work environments reducing the effects of stress, easing anxiety, improving memory and mental focus, enhancing creativity, improving group dynamics and teamwork.


Tracie Nichols, Career and Personal Leadership Coach

Tracie Nichols, Career and Personal Leadership Coach

Tracie Nichols, MA, IAC, CDF

Resiliency-based Career Coach and Workshop Leader

Tracie loves creating learning experiences were participants are encouraged to:

explore new ways to build resilience through connecting with the natural world;

investigate potential obstacles to a nature connection;

heartstorm creative solutions;

learn easily applied, practical tools; and

experience the tangible benefits of connecting with nature.

Previous workshops include Scent of Hope: Using the power of scent to craft a healing space for your clients (and you), Deep Restoration Retreat, Using Aromatherapy to Support Resilience in Children, Aromatherapy to Ease Stress, Nature as Healer: Nature-based wellness practices. 

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