Continuing Education for Professional Psychotherapists

The Resiliency Center offers continuing education for professional psychologists.


Dr. Michael Bridges

Dr. Michael Bridges

Michael R. Bridges, M.S., Ph.D.

Dr. Bridges has presented at national and international professional organizations since the early 1990s on topics as diverse the personality assessment of psychopaths and serial killers to the cardiovascular changes that distinguish clients who experience positive change in psychotherapy from those who don’t.

When his schedule permits, he is a guest lecturer to graduate psychology classes on resolving trauma and attachment injuries and provides experiential workshops to psychotherapists based on his research summarized in his article, “Activating the Corrective Emotional Experience,” in the Journal of Clinical Psychology.

Dr. Bridges was an assistant professor in clinical psychology at the University of NC at Chapel Hill, an associate professor of clinical psychology and director of the training clinic at Temple University, and an adjunct associate professor in the Marriage and Family Therapy graduate program at Jefferson University.

» For more information, contact Dr. Bridges at or 215-868-6393.

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