LCSW Clinical Supervision

The Resiliency Center offers clinical supervision for counselors earning hours towards their License in Clinical Social Work, as well as case consultation and ongoing clinical support for social workers.


Kimberly Katz Vargas, LCSW

Kimberly Katz Vargas, LCSW

Kim Vargas

Kim Vargas provides supervision for both new and experienced social workers.  A Licensed Cinical Social Worker (LCSW) in Pennsylvania, Kimberly Vargas is eligible to provide 100% of the required supervision hours to LCSW Candidates.

LCSW Supervision for Licensure Candidates

Kim really enjoys helping new clinicians to discover their own therapeutic style and to understand their own reactions to their client’s thoughts and feelings. She assists therapists in integrating their classroom learning with their work in the actual therapy room.

LCSW Consultation

For more experienced therapists, Kim provides case consultation and ongoing clinical support.

» Contact Kim at 267-568-7846 or

Elizabeth Venart, LPC

Elizabeth Venart’s approach to supervision is rooted in a humanistic, relational framework. She has been providing on-site and adjunct LPC supervision to clinicians working in diverse practice settings for over 15 years.

While providing clinicians with a variety of concrete strategies to strengthen their work, her primary focus is on the quality of the relationship between counselor and client—and any obstacles to empathy and mindfulness. Elizabeth invites counselors to listen deeply to clients and their stories and to trust themselves and their intuition more fully.

Understanding the influence of practice setting challenges, I provide LPC candidates with a supportive environment in which they can be authentic, share their struggles and triumphs, cultivate a trauma-informed perspective, and promote resiliency in themselves and the people with whom they work.

Elizabeth Venart is eligible to provide 50% of the required supervision hours to Marriage and Family Therapist and Clinical Social Work candidates, and 100% of the required supervision hours to LPC Candidates.

» Contact Elizabeth at or (215) 233-2002, and learn more on about Elizabeth’s supervision groups.

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