Transitioning through Divorce

Exploration into ways the family can restructure during a divorce. The therapist guides and provides suggestions in building a framework for living. Topics of discussion include separation, custody, finances, living situation, co-parenting, legal and ethical issues and an attempt to create fairness for all parties.


Jeff Katowitz, LMFT

Jeff Katowitz, LMFT

Jeff Katowitz, LMFT

Jeff Katowitz, LMFT is a licensed marriage and family therapist in the state of Pennsylvania with twenty years of experience providing individual, couple, and family therapy in Philadelphia and the surrounding suburban areas.

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Barbra Danin, LMFT

Divorce impacts each family member in various ways. Parents embroiled in conflict benefit from therapeutic assistance in navigating the divorce process for themselves and their children. Barbra assists parents in how to talk to their children about divorce and effectively meet their needs throughout the stages of divorce. In addition, Barbra works with children of divorcing families, providing an outlet for them to share their concerns and feelings.

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