Tracie Nichols, MA, IAC, CDF


Tracie Nichols is a Career and Personal Leadership Coach.

I am a career and leadership coach dedicated to helping people who feel challenged by traditional work environments create meaningful careers they enjoy. Like the people I coach, I’m highly sensitive, introverted, and a Renaissance Soul (also called multipotentialed, scanners, or multipassionate).

One in every five of us has the trait of high sensitivity, and one in every eight to ten of us is multipotentialed.

A few of our gifts…

  • learn rapidly
  • process information deeply
  • innovative thinkers
  • very empathetic

Making us…

  • excellent collaborative leaders
  • innovative problem solvers
  • conscientious team members
  • good at being self-employed or entrepreneurs

These traits can bring some unique challenges, though, especially when navigating a career transition, crafting a long-range career strategy, or even thriving in our current work environments. Challenges that can erode confidence and lead to being underemployed, or unhappily employed.

I get the career challenges of being sensitive or multipotentialed.

I know how it feels when managers tell you you’re too sensitive, or when co-workers misinterpret your quiet, thoughtful style as aloofness. I get how hard it is to stay confident while friends keep asking when you’re going to pick one job and stick with it, or wonder if you’re ever going to figure out what you want to do when you grow up.

I understand how scary it feels to submit resumes and participate in interviews when your job history is full of frequent changes because the work got boring or the environment became intolerable. (too cold, too loud, too mean, too competitive, too dishonest…)

The experience I bring to our coaching relationship

In our sessions, I bring together practical career strategy skills and a compassionate, holistic approach so we’re supporting all aspects of you that might be effected by the changes you’re making.

My foundation includes:

  • Certification in Career Development Facilitation
  • Master’s degree in Transformative Learning and Change with an emphasis on Human and Organizational Transformation.
  • Skilled in a form of non-violent communication called Dialog as Spiritual Practice
  • Integrative Aromatherapy Certification
  • Training in several holistic wellness modalities including massage therapy and energy therapies. I no longer actively practice any hands-on therapies, but knowing how life change can stress our bodies helps me share truly effective resiliency practices with you.

So far my career has spanned everything from working in a corporate setting, to working in academic and nonprofit jobs, to spending the past seven years using a holistic coaching approach to help women find clarity and resilience in their lives.

Career Coaching with me will help you…

  • Identify values, personal goals and recurring themes and understand the key role they play for people who are sensitive and multipotentialed.
  • Discover your transferrable skills – those bits of experience that make you valuable in many different jobs
  • See the breadth and depth of your body of work (even if you haven’t had many jobs) building confidence and expanding career possibilities.
  • Develop a realistic career strategy based on your values, goals, skills, themes and existing body of work.
  • Build a toolbox of resiliency practices so you can persist during challenging times.

To help you create your meaningful, enjoyable career, I offer…

Individual Career Coaching

For when you know you need to make a change but aren’t sure how or when to do it

Career Strategy Sessions

For when you know career change is coming and you would like help, skilled guidance, someone on your side to make the transition one that improves your working life. Also for people at any point of career development ready to become intentional about understanding their unique genius and mapping their career trajectory.

Classes and Support Groups

On a variety of Highly Sensitive Person, Renaissance Soul career-related topics


Bi-weekly resources and encouragement

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