Catherine McLaughlin, MA, NCC, LPC

catherinemclaughlinCatherine is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Secondary School Counselor.

Catherine offers individual and group therapy to adolescents/teens and young adults ages 13 to 25 and parents, and has a special interest in girl’s/women’s issues, mothering, and mindfulness. She also offers specialized services to educational institutions.

Catherine earned a Masters Degree in Education and Human Development – School Counseling from The George Washington University in Washington, DC, and completed a post-masters course of study at Chestnut Hill College in Philadelphia, PA.

A Holistic Approach

Catherine is an integrative clinician, which means that she takes multiple approaches to the therapy. You will work together to address your most pressing concerns first, using strategies to enable you to have some relief from your symptoms. As symptoms improve, emotions are uncovered and acknowledged. Above all, Catherine is interested in developing the relationship, which provides a safe place to explore your concerns together in a respectful and collaborative way.

More specifically, Catherine’s theoretical orientation includes strengths-based, family-systems, and psychodynamic theories. She will use holistic, cognitive-behavioral, and mindfulness approaches to guide the therapeutic process. While Catherine’s orientation is her guide, therapy is specifically tailored to the person who is sitting in front of her, and will look different for each individual or group.

Adolescents and Teens

Adolescence can be an exciting but scary time for parents and teens. Teens so often feel invisible and powerless, just as they are developing their identities and sense of self. It is a stage of rapid-fire development, stress, and changes. Thus, sometimes symptoms of anxiety, panic attacks, and depression may emerge. Catherine’s work with teens encourages them to feel heard and understood, while working together to figure things out.

Older Adolescents, Young Adults & Millennials

Leaving the family “nest” is a big milestone for adolescents in this age group. It is an exciting time, but can be overwhelming as teens solidify their own identity separate from their family of origin.

Graduating from high school, leaving home, graduating from college, finding a job — many major life transitions happen between the ages of 18 and 25. It is not uncommon to struggle through what may be exciting and stressful times.

Catherine’s work with older adolescents and Millennials focuses on their identity development and making sense of themselves in their world.


Today’s mothers, more than moms of any other generation, are wondering why they feel like they’re never doing enough. Shuttling children to activities and playdates, planning “perfect” birthday parties, staying on top of trendy kid’s clothes, deciphering the latest parenting advice — the media’s ideas of mothering very easily causes moms to lose their personal and professional identities.

You can easily become immersed in your role as a mother and forget about yourself. It can be confusing to figure out how something as joyous as having a baby and a family can so often make you feel stressed, lonely, and stuck, which can sometimes lead to feeling symptoms of depression and/or anxiety.

Catherine’s work with moms encourages women to listen to their inner voice and reconnect with themselves to be the women they already are.


It is often said that parenting is the hardest, but the most rewarding, job on earth.

There are days when it seems like the parenting evolves naturally and the family system grows and changes together. Then, there are days when it seems like everyone is on a different page and not communicating at all.Parenting advice comes flying from all different directions — it can be overwhelming to decide which book to read, method to use, voice to listen to.

Catherine’s work with parents and families helps unpack what’s causing the confusion and get back on track.

Therapeutic Support Groups

Catherine facilitates various therapeutic groups throughout the year. Working in a group can help to normalize concerns while providing a safe space for sharing thoughts and fears. Therapeutic growth can often happen more quickly as a result. Please check the calendar for her upcoming groups:

  • Mindfulness for Teens
  • Adolescent Girls
  • From High School to College
  • College Students

Secondary Schools

As a Pennsylvania-certified Secondary School Counselor, Catherine knows how hard it can be for one counselor to meet the needs of their entire caseload. She offers specialized services to educational institutions, such as:

  • Student Assistance Program support
  • Individual Counseling within the school setting
  • Group Counseling within the school setting
  • Personalized lesson plans that connect with the ASCA National Model and PA Educational Guidelines
  • School Counseling program design and support


Therapy with Catherine can help with the following concerns:

Anxiety ~ Depression ~ Panic Attacks ~ Grief & Loss ~ Trauma ~ Behavior ~ Anger ~ Perfectionism ~ Self-Esteem ~ Conflict ~ Relationship Concerns ~ Academic Performance ~ Loneliness ~ Lack of Motivation ~ Shame & Guilt ~ Transitions ~ Parenting


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