Empowering Self, Accessing Vision, & Creating a Heart-Centered Life

A 4-month Personal Empowerment Group

Date: TBA

Cost: $200/month for 3 sessions/month

Group Leader: Elizabeth Venart

Contact: Call Elizabeth Venart at (215) 233-2002 or email her at ElizabethLPC@comcast.net to schedule your pre-group consultation and begin designing your plan for positive change.

Experiential and peer support group for creating a vibrant, meaningful, heart-centered life. Personal Empowerment Groups include experiential exercises and discussion to facilitate participants’ ability to vision their ideal future and begin taking active steps towards making their life visions a reality.

Difficult changes are made more possible when people have positive interpersonal relationships to help them navigate expected challenges and potential setbacks. Peer support will be a key component of the group. Participants will empower themselves and support one another in making career and life changes for greater joy, vibrancy, and balance.

Activities for the group include:

  • Crafting mission and vision statements
  • Creating vision boards
  • Identifying cognitive roadblocks & strategies to move beyond them
  • Identifying resources—both internal and external
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