Building your Ideal Private Practice Group

Dates: October – March

Time: 2 Wednesday afternoons per month

**If unavailable at this time, please inquire about possible additional time offerings.

Cost: $750 for 6-month Group OR $1250 for Group plus Six Individual Consultations (one per month)

Group Facilitator: Elizabeth Venart, Licensed Professional Counselor, (215) 233-2002 or

If you are a health or healing arts professional desiring more prosperity in your practice, or if you want to begin a private practice but aren’t sure how to start, this group is for you! Join Resiliency Center Director Elizabeth Venart as she shares ideas and inspiration for getting the word out about your work and creating a thriving business that sustains you.

While creating a lucrative private practice may be a long-term goal for many therapists, most are unsure how they can create an effective roadmap that will take them from where they are today to their ideal vision of where they’d like to be. Additionally, many helpers struggle with issues surrounding money (trusting the value in their expertise) and marketing (sharing who they are and what they do in the world). The best marketing plans maximize upon your strengths and offer creative ways to share your passion for the work. Individual and group consultations provide essential support and guidance along the way.

Building your Ideal Private Practice book

In this program, participants will explore what they find most rewarding in the work, identify career and financial goals, and gain an understanding of the current market and opportunities. They will also learn to differentiate between self and business, untangling the idea that they are their business – and beginning to conceptualize their business as its own unique entity. Reading and exercises from Lynn Grodzki’s workbook, 12 Months to your Ideal Private Practice, will guide the group and challenge members to take a comprehensive look at where they are and how they’ll make their ideal practice vision a concrete reality.

Practitioners can choose to participate exclusively in the group – twice a month for six months –or take advantage of this special invitation to benefit from both the group and monthly individual consultations with Elizabeth. During individual consultations, practitioners will have an opportunity to explore solutions to any obstacles encountered, to examine specific areas for practice development, and to gain extra support in creating individual plans for success.

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