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Tracie’s Coaching Approach

My coaching approach combines gentle honesty with effective strategies, laughter, and lots of kindness. For individual sessions, we meet by phone or video chat, which means you can be in a comfortable, familiar environment and take less time from your busy life.

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Catherine’s Approach to her Clients

I believe in meeting people where they are, and really listening in order to understand. My holistic approach to therapy — one where multiple factors in your life come together to support your physical and emotional wellness — encourages you to be an active participant in your healing. Working together, we will unpack your struggles and get to the root of your pain.

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Brittiney George’s Approach to BodyMind Healing

“I firmly believe that pain (physical and emotional) can be an ally in healing. In the craziness of life, pain is often the wakeup call. Listening to the body helps create an awareness of when you need to stop, change direction, or move differently. In this way, the bodymind connection is an invaluable tool in healing.”

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