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Dean Solon’s Approach to Meditation

“With an understanding that there are as many ways to practice meditation as there are sentient beings living on this planet, I encourage a personal, gentle, non-rigid approach to mindfulness and meditation.”

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Group Meditation

When: Mondays at 8:30 am & Thursdays at 7:30 pm

Cost: Donations gratefully accepted

Instructor: Dean

Meditation can be described as “an abiding in one’s natural state, without mental complications.”

During these group meditations, led by Dean Solon, we will be cultivating and sharing clarity and compassion—an unfolding awareness and mindfulness—which may be summed up with this simple expression:  a knowing of things as they are.

Dean opens meditation by sharing a reflection or meditation exercise and then invites participants to join him in silent meditation. The meditation is followed by time for reflection by all members of the group.

The morning meditation is a gentle way to get centered and welcome the morning—and promotes resiliency throughout the day ahead. Evening meditation is a relaxed and supportive way to wind down at the end of the day and come together in community.

For more information, join our Meetup group, call The Resiliency Center at (215) 233-2002, or email instructor Dean Solon at

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Dean Solon

Meditation Group Leader

Dean Solon

Dean Solon

Dean began to meditate during the winter of 1970-1971 after a series of experiences—external and internal—had led him to question the assumptions underlying his life.  Since that time, he has continued with a meditation practice, sitting twice a day, every day.

He has studied many of the world wisdom traditions, with particular emphasis on the teachings of the Buddha and Jesus, and in the shamanic and Sufi traditions. For the past four years he has been leading a weekly meditation group.

For more than 32 years he worked for the Social Security Administration, meeting with clients who were applying for and receiving SSI benefits (the needs-based program administered by the agency).

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