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Andrea McGady, M.Ed.

Andrea McGrady

Andrea McGady, M.Ed., is a mindfulness-based counselor who offers meditation and mindfulness classes.

She has been leading weekly meditation classes at The Resiliency Center since 2020, developing Zoom-based mindfulness exercises and guided visualizations that supported participants through the pandemic. Her ongoing group meditation class provides meaningful opportunities for reflection and connection with self and others.

Andrea earned her Master’s Degree of Education in Counseling Psychology at Temple University. She believes that every person has within them the capacity for meaningful change and aspires to create a safe, supportive environment in which this growth can occur.

She has led group programs on topics of stress management and communication and loves inviting group participants to welcome greater self-compassion and happiness. Her calming voice and gentle approach support others in navigating life stressors with greater peace, clarity, and perspective. Andrea brings a rich understanding of the interplay between mind, body, and spirit — and how mindfulness practices can be used successfully to help people with a wide range of current difficulties.

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