Trainings and Retreats

bridgeWe offer trainings on topics relevant to resiliency – for individuals, organization, and community groups.

Learn more about a range of opportunities from nature-based programs to support professional helpers to customized team retreats here at the center to on-site trauma and wellness programming for your organization.

Types of Trainings

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  • Nature Inspired Resiliency Retreats

    Nature inspired resiliency tools are a bridge between increasingly complex home and work lives and decreasing access to green spaces. They bring the proven benefits of a forest walk into our daily life and work environments reducing the effects of stress, easing anxiety, improving memory and mental focus, enhancing creativity, improving group dynamics and teamwork.

  • Professional Trainings on Trauma and Resiliency

    Professional trainings on trauma and resiliency educate individuals and organizations, provide forums for increased self-awareness and community-building, and creatively support the needs of helpers to nurture themselves as well as others.

  • Recreational Therapy Workshops and Trainings

    Recreational Therapy workshops and trainings are creative programs that get everyone engaged. These trainings work with various populations within various settings including women/men, adolescents, teen parents, adoptive adolescents, adjudicated/at risk youth, participants affected by violence & trauma, and participants with recovery challenges.