Creative and Integrative Therapies

dogwoodCreative and integrative therapies offer new, innovative approaches to counseling, and can act as a compliment to traditional talk therapy. These include art therapy, EMDR, sand tray therapy, trauma art narrative therapy and more.


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  • Ecotherapy

    Ecotherapy helps a person to deepen their connection with nature and understand and process the emotional impact of a declining and damaged environment. Ecotherapy can be helpful in relieving symptoms of anxiety, depression, stress and ADHD.

  • EMDR

    EMDR stands for “Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing.” During EMDR, clients focus on past, present, and future experiences while simultaneously focusing on external, bilateral stimulation. EMDR is especially powerful in helping alleviate anxiety and in helping people who have experienced trauma.

  • Play Therapy and EMDR

    Play Therapy combined with EMDR can be effective in working with children with trauma, anxiety, and phobias. EMDR uses bilateral stimulation techniques to help unlock stuck material, allowing the mind and body to process the traumatic event.

  • Sand Tray Therapy

    Sand tray therapy is a specialized modality that uses sand and selected “miniatures”, objects which provide the medium for emotional expression and communicating one’s experience. For children, sand tray provides a safe, natural way for self-expression.

  • Trauma Art Narrative Therapy

    Trauma Art Narrative Therapy is a structured cognitive technique which pieces together memories by guiding individuals to narrate the traumatic event through a series of sequential drawings. As one draws snapshots of the event, the integration of the emotional and cognitive components of the brain promotes healing.