Rubenfeld Synergy

The Rubenfeld Synergy method is a method of integrating emotions, intuition, and bodywork. Rubenfeld Synergy is an alternative healing approach that uses gentle touch and talk together to help people listen to their bodies, and deal with the stresses in their lives. The foundation of the work is grounded in gentleness, respect, openness, understanding, noticing, and discovery.

Ilana Rubenfeld created the Rubenfeld Synergy method in 1967 and developed the training program in 1977 as a method of integrating emotions, intuition, and bodywork.

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Brittiney George, BS, CSS, CEIM

Brittiney George, BS, CSS, CEIM

Brittiney George, BS, CSS, CEIM

I have always been fascinated by the bodymind connection and the power touch can have in healing.  I love that the intention of this practice is to listen to the body instead of just trying to “fix” it.

By engaging the client as an active participant in the session, the client is able to connect the physical and emotional imprint that memories, beliefs, and life circumstances have in their system and how they maybe be affecting their health, driving their decisions, and dictating how they move.  It is the ultimate bodymind connection!

I am especially passionate about working with highly sensitive/intuitive women and athletic women who have been sidelined by chronic pain or injuries to help them to:

  • Befriend their bodies again
  • Find their authentic voice.
  • Feel empowered by their ability to feel deeply
  • Recognize pain can be an ally and a powerful partner in healing.

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