Regular Classes and Events

The programs below are offered on a weekly or monthly basis. Click on a program to learn more about it.

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  • Connection, Expression, & Movement Workshops (CEM)

    This 60 minute class explores mindful movement through breath work and the principals of Pilates.

  • Creative Writing with the Philadelphia Writers Workshop

    Writers interested in poetry, screenwriting, play writing, non-fiction, memoir, and fiction are all encouraged to join. Writing is done during workshop time, and manuscripts polished outside of workshop are reviewed and discussed by the group.

  • Group Meditation

    Morning and evening classes. During these group meditations, led by Dean Solon, we will be cultivating and sharing clarity and compassion—an unfolding awareness and mindfulness—which may be summed up with this simple expression: a knowing of things as they are.

  • Laughter Yoga

    Laughter Yoga is an exercise and wellness routine that combines fun laughter activities with deep yoga breathing. In laughter yoga, we stimulate laughter is simulated as a body exercise in a group. Using eye contact and childlike playfulness, it soon turns into real and contagious laughter. The concept of Laughter Yoga is based on a […]

  • Nature Walks

    Join Heather Hill on the 1st Mondays of the Month at 12 pm for a nature walk. Start your week and month off by beginning a nature practice and observe the benefits to your mood and wellbeing. We will explore the Green Ribbon Trail behind the Resiliency Center. Contact: Heather Hill at 215-485-7205 to register.

  • Professional Networking Breakfasts

    When: Monthly; Wednesdays at 9:00 a.m. Facilitator: Elizabeth Venart at (215) 233-2002 or Networking breakfasts provide an opportunity for participants to learn more about the practitioners of The Resiliency Center and the services offered and also to exchange business cards with other helping professionals. All those who attend are invited to share information about their […]

  • Qigong

    In the introductory Qigong classes offered through The Resiliency Center, you will learn basic, yet powerful Qigong exercises based on the movement of animals and birds (such as the crane, eagle, dragon, and swan), as well as movements to strengthen the bones and the immune system and to increase range of motion with the hips, […]

  • Rest, Restore and Move

    Join Brittiney George for a class that fuses movement and postures that help to encourage and restore balance, length, strength, and flexibility in the body with a rest element that invites awareness of how to use breath and imagery to help reduce tension. Cost: $10 per class Contact: Brittiney George Contact at or at […]

  • Rest, Restore, & Move Class

    This is a 60 minute class that explores mindful movement through breath work and the principals of Pilates. Focus is learning to listen to your body to know when exercises need to be modified or removed and working with the tools provided in class to make the adjustments needed for your body. Exercises to develop […]

  • Rumi & Hafiz Poetry Reading and Discussion

    Do you love the poetry of Sufi Poets and Philosophers Rumi and Hafiz? Are you looking for inspiration? Seeking wisdom? Curious about our interconnection and about connection with Spirit? Join Elizabeth Venart for discussions on Rumi and Hafiz. She will share a few of her favorite pieces and invite you to lend your inspirations and insights. Please also […]