Stacey M. Vinci, MA, LMFT

StaceyVinciStacey M. Vinci is a Pennsylvania Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

She holds a M.A. degree in Clinical-Counseling Psychology with a concentration in Marriage and Family Therapy from La Salle University. She also earned her B.A. degree in Psychology from La Salle University. Stacey is a clinical member of The American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT).

She has worked as an individual, couples, family, and group therapist and as an outpatient substance abuse therapist in Philadelphia, PA. Stacey has trained and practiced as a Behavioral Health Needs Assessor and has provided assessments, resources and referral assistance to youth and families in their school and community environments as well as residential treatment centers. She also maintains a practice office in Newtown, PA and is an admission counselor and adjunct faculty member at La Salle University.

Individual and Family Therapy

Individual and family therapy can both be conducted from a systems perspective, with the belief that we all exist in relationship to others and that our level of differentiation is often a key factor in understanding ourselves and identifying our personal, relational and life goals. Stacey takes a strengths-based approach and often meets clients where they are and works collaboratively with clients and/or their families in helping them identify goals for therapy.

Marital/Couples Counseling

Relationships can be challenging at times and they require a conscious effort from both partners to maintain a healthy and satisfying connection. Couples counseling requires each partner to work on individual issues as well as issues within their relationship. During couples counseling we may explore a combination of relational issues, intergenerational patterns within the family system, as well as interpersonal dynamics; addressing issues from anger and resentment to intimacy, trust andcommunication skills.

Teen Counseling

Stacey specializes in working with teens and young adults who struggle with anxiety, depression, self-esteem, trauma, life transitions, family conflict, parent-child relationship issues, and self-identity,gender identity, and sexuality issues. Techniques and interventions focus on developing healthy coping skills, creating a positive self-image, and strengthening healthy relationships and support system.

Sexuality and Gender Identity Counseling

Individual and group counseling can be available for those struggling in identifying and expressing thoughts and feelings related to issues of sexuality and gender identity. Therapy will focus on creating a safe and trusting environment, providing psychoeducation for clients and/or their families, and assisting clients in developing a positive identity, greater self-confidence, and increasing the use of healthy coping skills and effective communication skills.

Substance Abuse Counseling for Individuals and Families and Teen Intervention

Psychoeducation, coping skills, and outside resources and supports are utilized in sessions to assist clients and/or their families with the recovery process. Techniques focused on teen intervention can be provided for adolescents who are experimenting with substances and will focus on decreasing the likelihood of continued substance use and/or substance abuse. Therapy goals would also focus on negative versus positive peer influences, psychoeducation, healthy outlets, and coping skills. Stacey has worked in outpatient, community and school settings, and residential treatment programs working with adults, families, and adolescents at all stages of the recovery process.

Trauma Therapy

Stacey works with children, adolescents and adults who have experienced past trauma that is impacting their current functioning in school, work, and family/ peer/ partner relationships. Stacey utilizes Trauma Art Narrative Therapy techniques as well as Trauma-Focused CBT techniques when working with clients.

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