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John Muraco ATR RYT

JohnMuracoArt Therapy, Herbalism, Holistic Health Coaching

The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.  – Aristotle

Renewed connectedness to others… Recharged powers of self expression… And a clarified pursuit of personal goals: All these forms of wellbeing are within reach for every individual, no matter what challenging life events seem to be blocking the way.  People have their own unique inner resources that can help them heal and re-embrace their lives.


Since 2000 John has studied many approaches to enhancing creative expression and wellness, and to achieving self-expression, stress reduction, and the restoration of personal power.  These practices have included the visual and performing arts, and holistic health and Lifestyle coaching to promote physical and emotional health.  John received his Masters in Art Therapy at the School of Visual Arts where he gained valuable experience using art in hospitals, with male and female veterans, amputees, and people living with cancer, dementia, and other challenging diagnoses.

JohnMuraco-drummingHe found that that art therapy provided a critical space for relaxing, and an expressive outlet for physical pain and deep emotions that were nearly impossible to put into words.  His professional experience has included work with children and adolescents wrestling with traumatic circumstances. The power of creative expression, movement, and free choice prove to be instrumental in supporting young people in moving forward.  In addition to continuing his focus on adolescents and those with medical conditions, John has expanded his focus to include bringing the benefits of expressive therapy and relaxation methods to veterans and uniformed service professionals.


  • Masters of Professional Studies – Art Therapy
  • ATR – Registered Art Therapist
  • 200 Hour Yoga Teaching Certification – Prana Yoga
  • RYT – Registered Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance
  • Bachelors of Science – Art Education
  • Herbal Wellness Coach and Lifestyle Consultant

Art and Expressive Therapies

The best thing about art therapy is that it does not require artistic talent.  Also, if you enjoy art-making of any kind, or want to learn some new techniques, art therapy could be a supportive outlet for you.  Art therapy is a combination of using creative and visual expression and psychotherapy to allow people to express feelings and life experiences.

Serving youth ages 8-19 and young adults 20-35.

John Muraco's office

John Muraco’s office

John creates a safe space where individuals can choose from various media that may include:

  • drawing
  • clay and simple sculpture
  • photography
  • writing
  • music
  • collage
  • water color
  • journaling

Those who have difficulty putting words to feelings can thrive in an art therapy setting.  Further, it can promote deeper self-understanding, and give back control within your life.  You may also explore ways to reduce stress within your life that could include simple exercise, breathing techniques, and other coping mechanisms.

Art therapy can support feelings and difficulties associated with:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • grief and loss
  • difficulties at school
  • low self-esteem
  • traumatic medical events and illness (amputation, cancer, pain, medically associated PTSD)
  • uniformed service professionals and post-deployment difficulties
  • difficult and challenging life events

Art therapy can be helpful for those with a desire to find creative alternatives for self-expression and self-understanding.

IMG_2750Holistic Health and Lifestyle Coaching

If you are looking for beneficial and creative ways to rebuild your health and learn supportive wellness strategies, health counseling might be for you.  John works collaboratively with each person to formulate a customized health plan that meets your needs.

Often in the wake of difficult life events, people report feeling uninspired, tired, numb, and stressed out.  These feelings, or lack of feeling, can block you from accessing personal potential, and may cause disconnect in the ability to make clear life choices. We will begin to explore simple ways in which food can support health, introducing teas and other herbal blends for emotional support and improved immune system functioning, and discuss daily wellness routines that can reduce stress bring greater vitality.

Possible topics to be addressed:

  • learning the art of tea making and specific blends to meet your health needs
  • the healing benefits of essential oils
  • A deeper understanding of personal wellness and seasonal health
  • various forms of herbal remedies to meet the needs of your lifestyle – all crafted by a clinical herbalist using the highest quality organic ingredients
  • food education, and how food and nutrition can be used to support your immune system
  • flower essences to support you through transition, and aid in stress reduction
  • simple ‘do anywhere’ exercises to promote health, vitality and relaxation
  • Yoga postures and breathing techniques for strength and stress reduction
  • Expressive outlets that will support your personal self-expression
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Kimberly Katz Vargas, LCSW

KimVargasKim Vargas is a Clinical Social Worker licensed in the State of Pennsylvania.

She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in International Studies from Brown University and graduated from Catholic University with a Masters in Social Work.

She has been a psychotherapist for over 12 years working with clients to address a variety of issues, including depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, parenting and relationships. She is trained in both Cognitive-Behavioral and Psychodynamic Therapies, and utilizes techniques from both to promote growth, empowerment, and a greater level of happiness in her clients.

Counseling for Individuals, Couples and Families

Anxiety and Depression

Everyone has some degree of anxiety or worry in their lives.  At times, however, this worry can become overwhelming, making it difficult to enjoy daily activities, or preventing people from taking part in important events.  Anxiety can interfere in relationships with significant people, including partners, children, co-workers, and friends.

Similarly, feelings of depression can limit an individual’s ability to engage and take pleasure in life.  Symptoms of depression may include general feelings of unhappiness or malaise, isolation, changes in eating or sleeping, and difficulties experiencing emotional and physical intimacy.

Kim has a great deal of experience helping clients identify the factors contributing to anxiety and/ordepression, and creating plans to address those factors.  She helps clients better understand how underlying thoughts, beliefs, perceptions and past experiences affect mood in the present.  She then assists clients in figuring out how to make changes that ultimately result in a major reduction in anxietyand depression and the symptoms (emotional and physical) associated with them.


A positive sense of self is key to feeling happy and satisfied overall.  For many people, feeling good about themselves is challenging.  For some, low confidence or self worth is pervasive in most areas of their lives.  For others, it may be difficult to feel confident in particular settings.  Kim addresses issues surrounding self-esteem by examining the roots of the negative self view, looking at faulty perceptions of self, and helping clients to rework their self view.  Ultimately this results in individuals who are happier, more confident, and more optimistic about the future.

Relationships and Couples Counseling

Relationships with significant others are sometimes a tremendous source of stress.   Communication, differences of opinion about child-rearing, finances, major life transitions, and lack of quality time together can contribute to feelings of alienation or isolation in a relationship.  As relationships evolve, differences in world view, religious background and cultural upbringing can start to emerge.  Kim helps couples to communicate better with each other, reach compromises in problem areas, and reconnect to each other.  She also works with couples who are moving toward a deeper commitment, and want some counseling before taking the next step toward engagement, marriage or cohabitation.


Kim has expertise in working with parents to manage the challenges of parenting, from birth or adoption through becoming a grandparent.  Parenthood is a wonderful and rewarding time of life, but it can also be very overwhelming.  It can bring up unexpected thoughts and feelings that may be difficult to share with friends and family.  New motherhood can be an especially challenging time as moms struggle with their new identity (and loss of old identities), body image, feelings of isolation, relationships with significant others, and anxieties about doing the “right” thing.  Kim helps parents navigate this unchartered territory by providing emotional support, as well as assistance in problem-solving.  Parenting work may be done in individual sessions, or in a support group.

New Moms Support Groups

Kim offers support groups to new moms to address the challenges and joys of new parenthood.  These groups are an opportunity for moms to meet other women at the same stage of life, and to share thoughts, feelings, fears, and accomplishments in a nurturing, confidential environment.  Mothers are invited to bring their pre-walking babies to these groups.  Please contact Kim for more information about joining an upcoming group.

Clinical Supervision for Social Workers

Kim Vargas provides supervision for both new and experienced social workers.  Kim really enjoys helping new clinicians to discover their own therapeutic style and to understand their own reactions to their client’s thoughts and feelings.  She assists therapists in integrating their classroom learning with their work in the actual therapy room.  For more experienced therapists, Kim provides case consultation and ongoing clinical support.

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Elizabeth Campbell, MS, LPC

Elizabeth Campbell is a Licensed Professional Counselor providing individual and family counseling for children and adults.

She uses an empowerment and strength-based approach as well as facilitating workshops combining yoga and counseling. Her specialties include child and family therapy, mindfulness, trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy, and play therapy.

Play Therapy

The ability to express oneself is directly correlated with one’s developmental level. Therefore, children express themselves in much different ways than adults and require different therapeutic interventions than traditional talk therapy. Elizabeth provides a variety of mediums for children to express themselves through their language: play. She is trained in Child-Centered Play Therapy and in Eliana Gil’s Integrative Model of Play Therapy for children that experienced trauma. She also partners with parents in Filial Therapy, which builds strong relationships with children and supports parents in creating consistent structure at home.

Elizabeth Campbell's office

Elizabeth Campbell’s office

Creative Counseling for Adolescents

The developmental task of adolescents is to create a sense of identity.  Elizabeth’s humanistic, client-centered, empowerment approach, founded in the individual’s strengths supports teenage clients in doing just this.  Elizabeth also utilizes creative strategies to engage teens and promote change inside and outside of sessions.

Trauma-Informed Care

In this approach to treatment, the clinician asks “what happened to you” rather than “what’s wrong with you.”  Trauma impacts the whole individual.  Elizabeth’s holistic, humanistic approach addresses the whole person and provides support in moving forward with one’s life.

Elizabeth is a certified sexual assault counselor and is trained in a variety of trauma-specific treatment modalities including the Trauma Recovery and Empowerment Model (TREM)Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Trauma Art Narrative Therapy, and Eliana Gil’s Integrative Model of Play Therapy.

Elizabeth Campbell's office

Elizabeth Campbell’s office

Workshops and Mind-Body Treatment

Elizabeth has had the joy of combining a personal passion, yoga, with her professional path through workshops and groups to bring yogic principles into treatment and subsequently, into one’s life. Elizabeth runs ongoing groups and workshops that address emotional healing through a combination of yoga and therapy as well as bringing these and mindfulness principles into individual sessions.

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Kathleen Krol, MSS, LCSW, RPT-S

KathleenKrolKathleen Krol, MSS, LCSW, RPT-S provides individual counseling and child and adolescent family therapy.

She uses Play Therapy and Sand Tray Therapy, two established modalities that are recognized for their effectiveness with children and adolescents.

She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over ten years post graduate training in Mindfulness-Based Play-Family Therapy, Contextual Family Therapy, Trauma Focused Therapy and Sand Tray Therapy. She is credentialed  as a Registered Play Therapist Supervisor and Certified Play-Family Therapist. She has completed the EMDR Basic Training, EMDR Training with Children and Adolescents and Trauma Art Narrative Therapy training.

Family and Child Centered Therapy

Typical therapy sessions begin with a comprehensive developmental and life history to identify and resolve “root” causes of problems to promote long-term healing. Treatment includes family therapy with the parent and child together, individual play therapy or sand tray therapy with the child, and parent coaching and feedback sessions.

Family Therapy

My work is with the family as well as with the child or adolescent. My family focused approach to treatment looks at both the immediate problem and the underlying causes. Through training and experience, I understand how unless the ‘root’ cause of the problem is addressed, symptoms will cease only temporarily, manifest in different behaviors later or develop in another family member. I recognize that problems or behaviors exhibited by one child often impact other members of the family and when family dynamics may play a role in their continuation.

Play Therapy and Sand Tray Therapy

As a Registered Play Therapist Supervisor, Kathleen facilitates healing through play therapy and sand tray, the child’s tools for communication and self-expression.

I enjoy using play and sand in my work with children and find myself blessed to observe the healing process as it unfolds.  I strive to be open to the unique characteristics and resources of each family with whom I work.

Adult, Children and Teen Therapy Specializations

Kathleen brings with her a range of experiences over the course of the past ten plus years including work with children, adolescents, and families at an outpatient mental health clinic, home settings, schools, acute and chronic inpatient hospital units, and employee assistance programs.

I provide a safe and supportive environment for children, adolescents and adults experiencing trauma, grief and loss, sexual abuse, anxiety, depression, behavior issues, and ADHD.  The treatment approach I use to best fit your individual or family needs may incorporate Sand Tray, Mindfulness-Based Play-Family Therapy, cognitive behavior techniques, stress management and relaxation techniques,EMDR, Trauma Art Narrative Therapy and Filial Family Therapy.

Kathleen Krol's Sand Tray Office

Kathleen Krol’s Sand Tray Office

Sand Tray Therapy with Adults and Teens

Kathleen provides Sand Tray Therapy, in addition to counseling, as an approach to working with adults and teens. Sand Tray therapy offers another modality for reluctant teens to express themselves. Both adolescents and adults may experience emotional release through use of symbolism and projection of feelings unto the sand tray miniatures. Individualized Sand Tray sessions offering self-awareness, clarity and self-growth can be scheduled for one or more sessions.

Focusing Sand Tray Therapy 

This is a specialized means of using sand tray therapy that allows one to focus specifically on a problem, issue or fear. It might be a problem or place where one feels continuously stuck. This sand tray approach uses mindfulness meditation techniques combined with guided exploration or dialogue leading to deeper insight into the problem, issue or fear. It involves tuning into one’s somatic (body) experience and feeling affect awareness. The experience of Focusing Sand Tray can be profoundly meaningful. Individualized Sand Tray sessions offering self-awareness, clarity and self-growth can be scheduled for one or more sessions.

Supervision for Play Therapists and Social Workers

Kathleen Krol, LCSW, RPT-S, provides clinical supervision for social workers and for play therapists earning hours towards their Registered Play Therapist credential. Kathleen has over eleven years experience in diverse client settings including inpatient and outpatient mental health, home and school-based settings. Her strong background in Contextual Family Therapy and trauma enriches the case conceptualization process.

In supervising Social Workers and Play Therapists, she practices from a child centered play therapy approach combined with knowledge of developmental stages and their connection to subsequent trauma and attachment issues. Supervisees will have the opportunity to enhance their clinical skills using Sand Tray Therapy and learning concrete strategies when coaching and providing feedback to parents.

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Jeff Katowitz, LMFT

JeffKatowitzJeff Katowitz, LMFT is a licensed marriage and family therapist in the state of Pennsylvania.

He graduated from Hahnemann University, Philadelphia, Pa. in 1996. Jeff has twenty years of experience providing individual, couple, and family therapy in Philadelphia and the surrounding suburban areas.

Areas of Specialty

Marriage and Family Therapy

A therapeutic approach and methodology that involves a system (more than one individual) and assists all parties in developing better listening skills so that there is an increase in awareness and collaboration in developing solutions and solving problems.

Couples Therapy

A therapeutic approach that is geared towards equity and fairness where both parties are validated, acknowledged and heard so that they can embark on a path where they can collaborate more effectively.

Jeff Katowitz's office

Jeff Katowitz’s offic

Individual Therapy

Emphasis placed towards the individuals’ perception and exploration into decreasing the presenting symptoms.

Families in Transition

Transitioning through divorce

Exploration into ways the family can restructure. The therapist guides and provides suggestions in building a framework for living. Topics of discussion include separation, custody, finances, living situation, co-parenting, legal and ethical issues and an attempt to create fairness for all parties.

Blended Family Issues

The therapist works with all family members including biological family members, step-siblings and step-parents. The therapist provides a framework for helping all parties explore their hopes, wishes and feelings so that they will feel heard and acknowledged.

Grief and Loss

The therapy process explores the loss that the individual or family has endured. The therapist will support the individual and family to begin looking forward and creating a framework and way of living that is congruent to where they are in their process of grief.


The therapy process will include examining events and life circumstances that have physically and/or emotionally caused a wound – impacting the individual(s) ability to function in their daily lives.

Autism and Developmental Disabilities

The therapist helps the family explore all supports within their immediate community that are accessible. The therapist educates the family as to how to access the various services that may be beneficial to the individual who has been diagnosed on the autistic spectrum. The therapeutic process emphasizes the stability of the parents, strengthening their marriage or relationship as they collaborate in managing the autistic family member.

Adoption and Foster Care

The therapist will explore with the individual or family how adopting or being adopted has influenced how they relate to others and how it has impacted their daily functioning.


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Jen Perry, MSEd, MA, LPC

JenPerryJen Perry is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Life Coach, and Mindfulness Meditation Teacher.

Jen Perry holds Masters Degrees in Psychology in Education from the University of Pennsylvania (2000) and in Clinical Psychology from La Salle University (2006).

A Heartful Approach to Helping

Jen Perry builds on her clients’ values and strengths and teaches them mindfulness and creative problem-solving skills, empowering them to find authentic self-expression in the world. Her approach balances the desire for personal growth and change with acceptance and loving-kindness for self and others.

In all her work, Jen brings a gentle and big hearted presence to assist with the overall health and well being of her clients. She has her own dedicated mindfulness practice, which she considers a vital component of her work.

For over fifteen years, Jen has worked in a variety of settings including schools, wilderness and residential programs for teens, employee assistance programs, hospital units including inpatient and outpatient oncology, emergency medicine, and private practice.  She has assisted individuals, families, and groups facing difficult challenges.

These have included:

  • people struggling to manage anger and resolve conflicts well;
  • adolescents coming of age in this fast-paced and sometimes overwhelming world; and
  • individuals coping with major life transitions, such as parenting at all stages, college-age transitions, life after trauma, adjusting to health changes and disability, and end of life issues.

Jen is acutely sensitive to cultural, religious, and lifestyle differences.


Mindfulness and Acceptance-based in-person psychotherapy helps heal the body and mind with gentleness and insightful techniques that support the whole person. Using heartfelt values as an anchor, therapy is a process by which we creatively build on personal strengths to overcome trauma and major life transitions, grief and loss, learned patterns of anxiety and depression, and problematic ways of relating to self and others.

Peaceful Parent Coaching

Jen offers a ten week coaching program for parents seeking to parent consistently from a place of love and not fear. She teaches parents to identify their triggers, work constructively with anger, and build skills to enhance communication and connection between parent and child. Parents learn how to coach their children through tantrums and to set limits that peacefully stick based on family values instead of threats. A peaceful home is possible!

Life Coaching

Heartful Life Coaching helps people to awaken to the wisdom of kindness and compassion in their lives so that they can live, work, and love with balance and heart. Whether your goals are to parent from the heart, meet life and work demands with mindful balance, or stretch yourself to manifest your dearest life dreams, coaching can help you become more mindful, more compassionate, think creatively, overcome obstacles, and be held accountable each step of the way. Sessions are typically held over the phone.

Mindfulness and Meditation Programs

Jen has developed and led a variety of Meditation and Mindfulness classes and comprehensive programs.

Upcoming Offerings

Everyday Mindfulness Meditation

Many people are convinced that they cannot meditate. Come to this class and discover that everyone can meditate everyday. Mindfulness Meditation has been scientifically proven to have robust psychological and physical benefits even at the beginning of its practice. Learn to use these simple but powerful techniques throughout the day to skillfully meet life’s ups and downs.

Meeting your Self: Becoming your own Best Friend

Most of us believe that being kind to others is important. However, most of us treat ourselves with a degree of disdain and harshness with which we would never dream of treating someone else. In this class students will learn techniques designed to cultivate true acceptance, compassion and friendliness towards ourselves.

Mindfulness and Acceptance Training for Moms

Is being a mom harder than you ever imagined? Along with all the joy that becoming a mother brings there is also a whole new world of worry, guilt, and self-doubt. This can surprise and bewilder even the most dedicated mother. Moms often suffer in silence.  In Mindfulness and Acceptance Training for Moms you will gain support and learn techniques to witness and attend to your fears with love and gentleness so that you can truly be present as a person and a parent. Join us whether your child is 3, 3 months, or 30!

Radical Self-Care for Healthcare Professionals

Dedicating our lives to helping others is a noble and loving livelihood. However, caring for others and ignoring our own needs eventually leads to burnout and can sap the joy out of even the most promising career. Many of us have blocks when it comes to self-care. We know what we need to do but often have trouble taking the necessary steps to actually doing it. In Radical Self-Care for Healthcare Professionals you will receive support and learn techniques to meet yourself in new and caring ways.

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Elizabeth Venart, MEd, NCC, LPC
Founder and Director of the Resiliency Center

ElizabethVenartElizabeth Venart is the Director of The Resiliency Center and a Licensed Professional Counselor in the State of Pennsylvania.

She is also a National Certified Counselor through the National Board of Certified Counselors.

Elizabeth has 25 years of experience in providing counseling, clinical supervision, and training services. For nearly ten years, she worked in non-profit crime victim centers providing individual and group counseling—as well as crisis intervention and critical incident stress management services—to women, children, and men impacted by traumatic grief and crimes of violence. Elizabeth also worked as a school counselor for seven years—at an independent school for boys and with an alternative school for children with emotional, behavioral, and learning challenges.

Elizabeth Venart’s counseling office

Individual, Couples, and Group Counseling

Elizabeth’s counseling specialties include trauma and anxiety, job burn-out and career transition, and working with people who are highly sensitive, empathic, creative, and intuitive. She also supports couples to identify current patterns and create changes that allow for greater compassion and intimacy.

A Person-Centered Approach

The foundation of Elizabeth’s work with individuals, couples, and groups is relational. Before any other work can occur in counseling, an atmosphere of respect and safety must be developed within the relationship.

Trusting in the power of individuals to find their own solutions to life’s difficulties, she uses a person-centered therapy approach in her work with clients—working as a facilitator and coach to help people discover and access their inner resources. Bringing a trauma-informed perspective to her work, Elizabeth recognizes that unresolved grief and hurt are often at the root of individuals feeling stressed, “stuck,” or unhappy.

Strategies and Solutions for Healing

Elizabeth recognizes that people come to therapy looking for information and resources to help them, especially when struggling to create new patterns in their relationships or working to overcome experiences of grief and trauma.

Cognitive Therapy

She uses principles from mindfulness-based cognitive therapy to help clients learn to identify how their thoughts can contribute to or help lessen their experiences of pain—and to learn various methods for slowing down their mind so that they can more fully experience the present moment.


EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is a comprehensive, trauma-informed therapy that integrates mindfulness, cognitive therapy, and insights from neuroscience to get to the root of the symptoms, triggers, and obstacles that bring people to therapy.

Elizabeth is a Certified EMDR Therapist and an EMDRIA-Approved Consultant. She offers individual and group consultation to therapists seeking to strengthen their EMDR Therapy skills and gain certification. She has undergone several advanced training programs on the use of EMDR with children, severe trauma, and dissociation. She is experienced in using EMDR to facilitate clients’ successful healing from trauma, grief and anxiety.

Internal Family Systems

Internal Family Systems (IFS) is a therapy approach that recognizes and respects the complexity of each person’s inner world.  Inner conflict between parts (often recognized as having competing beliefs and desires) is often at the root of anxiety, depression, indecisiveness, and dissatisfaction. By listening deeply to all parts of self, we can have greater ease in our lives, greater compassion for ourselves, and less distress and reactivity.

One example of an inner conflict that might arise among parts could be as follows: (1) Part of you looks outside on a sunny day and really wants to go on hike, (2) Part of you is determined to clean the house because company is coming tomorrow, (3) Part of you feels pulled to visit a sick friend, and (4) Part of you feels overwhelmed by the choices and just wants to stay in bed. When we begin to understand our inner conflicts through the lens of IFS and parts, we develop an ability to see our struggles more clearly and with greater compassion. In couples therapy, this lens leads to deeper understanding about habitual reactions and patterns and, ultimately, greater intimacy and connection.

Highly Sensitive Persons

Elizabeth provides a safe, emotionally attuned healing environment in which Highly Sensitive persons (HSPs) can heal emotional wounds and move towards greater self-understanding and acceptance. Our work focuses on helping HSPs validate and appreciate their strengths and learn effective coping strategies for living in a world where the majority of people are not highly sensitive.

Group Counseling

In her groups, Elizabeth provides opportunities for individuals to connect with others, tap into their strengths, participate in activities and discussions designed to promote greater self-awareness, and receive support in creating positive changes in their lives.

Laughter Yoga

Elizabeth Venart became Certified as a Laughter Yoga Instructor in 2011. Laughter yoga is a fun and uplifting form of exercise that combines playful laughter exercises with deep yoga breathing. The proven health benefits of laughter include reducing stress, improving mood, increasing cardiovascular health, lowering blood pressure, and generally helping people feel more relaxed and comfortable in their bodies and in the world. Elizabeth leads laughter yoga classes at The Resiliency Center, works individually with people teaching them laughter yoga, and integrates laughter yoga into her professional trainings and Resiliency Retreats.

Clinical Supervision and Training Programs for Health Care Professionals

Elizabeth provides clinical supervision and training programs to individuals, groups, and organizations and is available to provide LPC supervision to counselors seeking licensure. She has over ten years of experience supervising counselors across a variety of settings.

Clinical Supervision

Her approach to LPC and clinical supervision is rooted in a humanistic, relational framework. She supports counselors in deepening their understanding of clients’ challenges and goals, identifying any obstacles to empathy and mindfulness, and providing concrete strategies to promote change. She helps counselors cultivate a trauma-informed perspective and invites them to listen for stories of resiliency.  Elizabeth also provides career guidance to counselors as well as vicarious trauma consultations to both individuals and organizations.

Training Programs for Professional Helpers

Elizabeth has been providing training programs to professional helpers since 1996. She has presented at the local, regional, and national levels, and her strength lies in making the material come to life for participants through reflective exercises, dialogue, and opportunities for creative expression and the development of personal insights.Her training specialties include trauma, vicarious trauma, counselor wellness, team-building in organizations, and creativity development.

From 2003 through 2007, Elizabeth served on the American Counseling Association’s Task Force on Impaired Counselors. Part of her work on the task force included the development of effective intervention programs to facilitate counselor wellness and serving as a co-editor for a special journal issue on counselor wellness through the Journal of the Counseling Association for Humanistic Education and Development.

Elizabeth was an adjunct instructor with the Behavioral Health Counseling Sciences Program of Drexel University from 2003 -2008. She taught Group Counseling I and II, Theory and Practice of Counseling, Assessment and Treatment Planning, and Cognitive Therapy II.

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Brittiney George, BS, CSS, CEIM

BrittineyGeorgeBrittiney George is a Certified Rubenfeld Synergist, Infant Massage Educator, and Pilates Instructor.

A former native of Michigan, I moved to Pennsylvania in 1999 and embarked an 11 year career as a corporate manger and trainer in the financial services industry, while also working with individual clients at a local Pilates studio.  In 2012, I transitioned from the corporate world into a private practice focused on Rubenfeld Synergy and Infant Massage Education.

Why is the Body Mind Connection So Important?

Your body is your vehicle in this life. It has been with you since birth. The make and model may change over the years, but it was, is, and will remain all yours. Trade-ins are not an option.  One body. One life. Why not make it the best one possible by listening to the wisdom of your body?

The stability and safety of the body begins with the ground we stand on. It’s in our language: we speak of being “on solid ground,” being grounded in something, feeling on “shaky ground,” or having the ground “pulled out from under us.” Sometimes we “stand firm;” sometimes we’re “pushovers.” We want to know “where we stand,” “what you stand for,” and when to “take a stand.” Feeling the ground beneath our feet helps us when we want to connect to a person or an idea: to “under-stand.” It can also help us feel centered, connected and confident.
—Written by Kamela Dolinova, Certified Rubenfeld Synergist for Nov 2012 Rubenfeld Community Newsletter

The Passionate Foundation of My Work

Rubenfeld Synergy

I have always been fascinated by the bodymind connection and the power touch can have in healing.  I love that the intention of this practice is to listen to the body instead of just trying to “fix” it.  By engaging the client as an active participant in the session, the client is able to connect the physical and emotional imprint that memories, beliefs, and life circumstances have in their system and how they maybe be affecting their health, driving their decisions, and dictating how they move.  It is the ultimate bodymind connection!

I am especially passionate about working with highly sensitive/intuitive women and athletic women who have been sidelined by chronic pain or injuries to help them to:

  • Befriend their bodies again
  • Find their authentic voice.
  • Feel empowered by their ability to feel deeply
  • Recognize pain can be an ally and a powerful partner in healing.

Infant Massage Education

There are so many “shoulds” swirling around new parents that can create a lot of anxiety and challenge their ability to listen to their natural parenting instincts.  What I love about this series is that it goesbeyond teaching strokes.  First and foremost it is about bonding and communication between parent and babyIt is about deepening the bonds between parent and baby while creating a community of support for the parent.   We celebrate and explore in class all the different emotions this new relationship and being a new parent can evoke.


Everybody and every body deserves to move.  Pain, embarrassment, fear, fatigue- all can get in the way of our ability to explore movement.  I’m excited to utilize the knowledge acquired during my physical therapy internships and 11 years as a Pilates instructor, to create a class that is safe and exploratory for all body types and all physical conditions.

» Learn more about the Rest, Restore and Move Class

What is Rubenfeld Synergy?

Rubenfeld was developed in 1967 as an alternative bodymind healing approach.  It combines touch and talk together while the client is lying fully clothed on a synergists table.  Why….to help you recognize that change is possible when you listen to the wonderful wisdom of your body.

For additional information, got to

What are some additional benefits of infant massage?

  • Stimulation: Stimulates circulation, digestion, respiration, immune system, nervous system, and language.
  • Relaxation: Relaxing for parents and babies by helping to release stress.  It produces calming hormones, and helps to regulate sleep patterns.  Babies who are massaged may sleep deeper and longer.
  • Relief: Can help to relieve colic, constipation, and gas by improving elimination.  Also can be beneficial in relieving pains related to teething and growing.
  • Interaction: Helps babies spend more time active and alert for learning and increases bonding and attachments to their parents.


  • Certified Rubenfeld Synergist (Levels I, II, & III)
  • Certified Educator of Infant Massage through Infant Massage USA
  • Certified Pilates Instructor through PhysicalMind Institute in New York, NY
  • Certified Pilates Instructor for Breast Cancer Survivors through Pink Ribbon Program
  • Bachelor of Science in Health and Physical Education from Hillsdale College in Michigan

Client Testimonials

Rubenfeld Synergy

Brittiney’s accepting and grounded presence made me feel at ease, especially in trying Rubenfeld which was new to me. I really appreciated her efforts and kind intentions in assisting me in my healing process.
—Kim S

This experience added the exclamation point to the messages I was already sensing with my body, but not always honoring. Noticing the patterns of those feelings gave them more validation, prompting me to take action for improvement. An unexpected surprise!
— Georgene

What stood out for me was learning to rethink, in a positive way, about my body. Paying attention, acknowledging…and truly listening to signals and messages from my body helped me feel more balanced in my mind, spirit, and body.
— KS

While seemingly very simple, this is a powerful and non-threating way to access insights that can be important in healing.  Brittiney has a gentle touch and intuitive wisdom that has helped me to uncover issues for further thought and exploration.

Infant Massage Education Series

The gas and colic strokes worked so well and offered great relief.  I feel more confident in my relationship with my baby.  This class was a gift.  I learned so much more than I thought I would.
— Chris Armstrong, dad to 8 month old

By week 5 my baby was calmer and open to touch.  I already feel so close to him, but this was a great way to continue exploring our relationship.
— Ali, mother to 9 week old

This class was a true gift. We enjoyed every moment.  It truly exceeded my expectations.  Brittiney and Shannon created the ideal, cozy, welcoming environment.  I learned so much more than I ever thought I would.
— Jen M., mom to 5 month old

Brittiney, Thank you so much for sharing the gift of infant massage with me and my son! I have loved every minute of your class. You are not only informative, but your kindness and love for what you do shines through. I feel so lucky to have been a part of such a wonderful class! Moving forward I plan to take what I have learned and continue to use it daily as part of our nighttime routine. I feel like infant massage has allowed me to gain such a strong bond with my son & I have taught my husband too!!
— M.M., mom to 3 month old

Rest, Restore, & Move Class

Brittiney was such a great teacher. I felt welcomed and safe and that I didn’t have to know “WHAT” I was doing. I am so glad that I decided to get out of the car.
— New student

Excellent class.  Brittiney is an excellent instructor-very supportive.  I learned a lot about Pilates and am looking forward to more.
— MM

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