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JohnMuracoArt Therapy, Herbalism, Holistic Health Coaching

The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.  – Aristotle

Renewed connectedness to others… Recharged powers of self expression… And a clarified pursuit of personal goals: All these forms of wellbeing are within reach for every individual, no matter what challenging life events seem to be blocking the way.  People have their own unique inner resources that can help them heal and re-embrace their lives.


Since 2000 John has studied many approaches to enhancing creative expression and wellness, and to achieving self-expression, stress reduction, and the restoration of personal power.  These practices have included the visual and performing arts, and holistic health and Lifestyle coaching to promote physical and emotional health.  John received his Masters in Art Therapy at the School of Visual Arts where he gained valuable experience using art in hospitals, with male and female veterans, amputees, and people living with cancer, dementia, and other challenging diagnoses.

JohnMuraco-drummingHe found that that art therapy provided a critical space for relaxing, and an expressive outlet for physical pain and deep emotions that were nearly impossible to put into words.  His professional experience has included work with children and adolescents wrestling with traumatic circumstances. The power of creative expression, movement, and free choice prove to be instrumental in supporting young people in moving forward.  In addition to continuing his focus on adolescents and those with medical conditions, John has expanded his focus to include bringing the benefits of expressive therapy and relaxation methods to veterans and uniformed service professionals.


  • Masters of Professional Studies – Art Therapy
  • ATR – Registered Art Therapist
  • 200 Hour Yoga Teaching Certification – Prana Yoga
  • RYT – Registered Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance
  • Bachelors of Science – Art Education
  • Herbal Wellness Coach and Lifestyle Consultant

Art and Expressive Therapies

The best thing about art therapy is that it does not require artistic talent.  Also, if you enjoy art-making of any kind, or want to learn some new techniques, art therapy could be a supportive outlet for you.  Art therapy is a combination of using creative and visual expression and psychotherapy to allow people to express feelings and life experiences.

Serving youth ages 8-19 and young adults 20-35.

John Muraco's office

John Muraco’s office

John creates a safe space where individuals can choose from various media that may include:

  • drawing
  • clay and simple sculpture
  • photography
  • writing
  • music
  • collage
  • water color
  • journaling

Those who have difficulty putting words to feelings can thrive in an art therapy setting.  Further, it can promote deeper self-understanding, and give back control within your life.  You may also explore ways to reduce stress within your life that could include simple exercise, breathing techniques, and other coping mechanisms.

Art therapy can support feelings and difficulties associated with:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • grief and loss
  • difficulties at school
  • low self-esteem
  • traumatic medical events and illness (amputation, cancer, pain, medically associated PTSD)
  • uniformed service professionals and post-deployment difficulties
  • difficult and challenging life events

Art therapy can be helpful for those with a desire to find creative alternatives for self-expression and self-understanding.

IMG_2750Holistic Health and Lifestyle Coaching

If you are looking for beneficial and creative ways to rebuild your health and learn supportive wellness strategies, health counseling might be for you.  John works collaboratively with each person to formulate a customized health plan that meets your needs.

Often in the wake of difficult life events, people report feeling uninspired, tired, numb, and stressed out.  These feelings, or lack of feeling, can block you from accessing personal potential, and may cause disconnect in the ability to make clear life choices. We will begin to explore simple ways in which food can support health, introducing teas and other herbal blends for emotional support and improved immune system functioning, and discuss daily wellness routines that can reduce stress bring greater vitality.

Possible topics to be addressed:

  • learning the art of tea making and specific blends to meet your health needs
  • the healing benefits of essential oils
  • A deeper understanding of personal wellness and seasonal health
  • various forms of herbal remedies to meet the needs of your lifestyle – all crafted by a clinical herbalist using the highest quality organic ingredients
  • food education, and how food and nutrition can be used to support your immune system
  • flower essences to support you through transition, and aid in stress reduction
  • simple ‘do anywhere’ exercises to promote health, vitality and relaxation
  • Yoga postures and breathing techniques for strength and stress reduction
  • Expressive outlets that will support your personal self-expression
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